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Our primary objective is to support you in achieving your Target.

Fitness entrepreneur -James Golden had a dream of setting up small fitness clubs which are not intimidating, results focused and driven by a passion for fitness. The first boutique club opened its doors in 2010 in leafy Amersham, Bucks.

In 2013, The Target Training Club had a solid membership base and James had a brilliant idea for a new and exciting way of training and offered this all of our the members. This was a 7 day fitness retreat in the Spanish sun with 2 of the fitness team and a private chef. The retreat consists of providing high quality foods and a training programme to boost fitness levels and educate on how to live a healthy life and training efficiently.

The programme was delivered twice again the following year and the experience was created. Target Fitness Retreats was officially formed as a separate company in 2016 which achieved success through one of the crowdfunding platforms which allowed us to scale up the quality of the experience and run the retreats more often. What started out as an additional service to the members at the Training club then become a separate enterprise at the cutting edge of the retreat and holiday market.

Recognition was rewarded in March 2016, when one of our retreats was voted in the top 12 fitness retreats in the U.K by the Sunday Times Newspaper. In 2017, the programme is in high demand and we currently offer a series of ladies only and mixed group retreat experiences. The Target Fitness Retreat journey continues……

Target Fitness

Target Training Club was formed in 2007 by James Golden and has since evolved into an enterprise offering a range of health, fitness and wellness services supported by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Target Training Club